Our first post!

May 3, 2011 § 3 Comments

Hello!  Nice to see you here.  This is our first blog posting.  We’re a couple of space engineers, blogging about all things green.  We’re very interested in green technologies and energy, home designs, food and gardening, automobiles, and ideas for around the home.

We live in a 1970’s-era California-style home on acreage.  It’s not a lot of acres, but enough room for a duckpond, big barn, and some livestock in the pastures.  The big debate around our household right now is whether to get chickens or not.  One of us wants ’em, and the other one is solidly against ’em (because they seem to attract rats and snakes, neither of which we particularly want hanging around).

Our pond is stocked with edible fish, and although we could catch and eat our fish in a pinch, they’re more pets than anything.  In the evenings, there’s nothing more relaxing than to sit on the dock with a glass of wine or lemonade and watch the fish.  We also have a big snake (Slim Jim) that lives under the dock, who thankfully does not bother us when we’re out enjoying the sunsets.

Our house needs lots of work, and honestly we can’t figure out whether we’ll be tearing it down someday or just remodeling the heck out of it.  Right now, we’re making do with what we have, and are spending our money wisely.  So plan on reading more than a few blog posts about home updates we are doing to make our place more comfortable and energy-efficient.

In future posts, we’ll also be posting pictures of projects, and sharing some of our ideas on green energy (like putting a windmill in the pasture).  We’ll also tell you a little about what we drive (yes, we drive green cars), and talk about some of the ideas we have for automobiles.  Inside of our house, we’ll be showing you some of our crafty ideas for home design, and we will explain how being frugal doesn’t necessarily mean impractical.


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