Our ever-growing to-do list

May 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

This morning we noticed that the vent fan in the Master Bath sounds like it is about to fly out of the ceiling.  It definitely needs to be replaced.  We are feeling so overwhelmed with all of the projects on our ever-growing to-do list. 

Here are just a few:

Replace ceiling vent fan in Master Bath.

Repair holes in the window screens that were created when the cat tried to claw his way out of the house because someone inadvertently locked him indoors for an entire hour

Do something with the kitchen cabinets.  They’re very solidly made, but they are showing their 30+ years of age.  I’m wanting to paint them a greenish/gray color.  Red would work too, but I think we’d get tired of it after awhile.  We’ll probably go with an oil-based paint, although we hate the clean-up and the out-gassing afterwards.  Oil-based paint gives us both major headaches, even though we do our best to ventilate during and after the project.

Install a new sink top in Master Bath.  The current one is culture marble, and incredibly ugly.  We’re thinking of building concrete countertops and putting in one of those bowl sinks that sit on top of the countertop.

Build concrete countertops for the kitchen, getting rid of the built-in countertop grill in the process.

Replace the carpet in the living room and bedrooms.  We’re thinking of bamboo flooring, since it would look nice with the quarry tile flooring that exists in other places in the house.  We don’t like carpet.  It never seems clean to us.  We’d much prefer something that we could mop regularly.   

Paint the Master Bedroom.  It is currently yellow, which is fine, but doesn’t really blend with the neutral look that we like.

Paint the media room.  Right now, the built-in bookshelves and cabintry are white, and the walls are blue.  Again, blue is fine, but it doesn’t blend with our neutral tastes.  We also have many pieces of contemporary and Australian artwork, none of which looks nice with the color blue.

Install a rain barrel.  We are presenting experiencing a drought, so on the rare occasion when we get rain, it would be nice to conserve some of it for our plants.   

Wire the barn for electricity. 

Put in a fence between the mudroom door and the garage.  This will (hopefully) help to dissuade people from coming to the back door when they visit us.   I also want to do something about the darned trash can storage.  You can see that ugly thing from the road, and it looks terrible.  It is also blowing over all the time, and rolling across the driveway.  Ideally, I’d like for it to be in a little trash can house that protects the garbage from predators, while allowing easy access for us.  We also recycle, and there’s no place for the recycle bins.  Here’s a shot of the mudroom door, and yes that is the notorious screen-shredding cat sitting in my car window. 

Make the front entrance more appealing.  Right now, it is a little on the disgusting side.  There are two flower beds filled with stragglylooking grass.  I’d like a fountain, a little sitting area, and some shade-friendly landscaping.  Here’s a shot of our front entrance (why yes, that’s the screen-shredding cat in this picture too). 

Clear out the flower beds in the back of the house.  Currently, they are full of poison ivy, and I’d like to fill them with some herbs and edible plants that look nice. 

In the living room, do something about the skimpy-looking rough cut cedar columns that are holding up the catwalk.  I’d like to either reface them with drywall, or replace them with somehing more attractive.

Speaking of the catwalk, it is upstairs and connects two unfinished rooms that we currently use for storage.  It would be nice to refinish these two rooms, and use one as a Master Retreat, and the other as a little mini-office or workroom.  In the meantime, the catwalk itself is decent-sized (about 10-feet by 15-feet), and it is where I have set up a little office.  I’d like to make this a more efficient area.  There’s currently a drafting table and light table up there, but those two items can move to my company’s office, where they would get much more use.

Paint everywhere, inside and out! 

Do something about the yellowy-looking brick fireplace in the Master Bedroom and Living Room.  Yes, it is a double fireplace that opens to both rooms.  It’s not a bad design, even though it seems a little strange to be able to look into the bedroom from the living room.  What we don’t like about it is the color.  There’s also more of that strange-looking rough-cut cedar incorporated into the yellow brick facade.  I’d like to paint it all, but Dave is balking.  He agrees that the brick looks dated and ugly, but he dislikes the idea of painting it. 

Lighten up the hall somehow.  It is a window-less long corrider with two cheesy-looking lights providing a miniscule amount of light.  

The to-do list stretches on and on.


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