A new vent fan for the bathroom

May 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

The vent fan in the master bathroom has been sounding like a jet plane taking off.  It’s so loud, we thought it might explode.  Really. 

So, today Dave turned off the electricity and took it out.  He also had to go up into the attic and remove the floor boards up there to get the darned thing entirely out.  Now we have a big hole in our bathroom ceiling.  Hopefully there aren’t any squirrels in the attic that feel like coming down into the bathroom.     

Then we went to Lowe’s and Home Depot, and because we were starving we went out for lunch too.  This spoiled our dinner, of course. 

We found the perfect fan at Lowe’s (a combo fan/light that looked pretty sporty). but after a big discussion in the middle of the bathroom fixture department at Lowe’s, we decided not to buy it.  It seems much more practical to get a remotely-located fan that we can install in the attic.  A remotely-located fan will be much quieter than what we’ve been dealing with.  Unfortunately neither Lowe’s nor Home Depot had anything like this in stock, so we’ll have to order one on the internet.  This means another week (at least) of a hole in the bathroom ceiling, meaning that any day now, a squirrel or worse could come flying out of the ceiling hole while I am on the toilet (Dave has reminded me several times that we don’t have squirrels in the attic).


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