Building a new gate

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

We’ve been moving fences around recently, leaving an opening that needs to be closed.  So this past weekend, Dave and I loaded up the tractor with our stuff and hauled it to the pasture for gate-building (I saw a gardening trailer at Lowe’s recently, and I’m going to buy it for him as a birthday present, but in the meantime, he has to use the tractor’s mower deck for hauling things around).

I sat on the mowing deck taking pictures while Dave cleared out the area (my job was to give him the tools).  This is the shovel I gave him.  Look what a good job he is doing with the shovel.    

 Then, he cleared out the area on the other side.

Meanwhile, I amused myself by cutting wire to length (I’m wearing flip-flops…really should be wearing shoes and socks since there are snakes in this field). 

Fence post in place, and Dave is securing it with the wire.  This is going to be moveable, so there was no need to dig a hole to hold the post. 

Dave, putting the uppermost wire in place.

Wrapping it around the fence post on the other side to secure it. 

Using the fence tightener* to make sure the wire is extra tight.     

*I have no idea of this is actually called a fence tightener, but that’s what I’m calling it.  You run the wire through it, and it pulls it tightly.  It’s a terrific device.  You can buy one at a fencing supply store (yes, there are such places).   

Close-up of the fence tightener.

Repeat three more times.  All four wires in place, and now Dave is adding a twisted wire stabilizer to make sure that the horse can’t cleverly open the wires and escape (horses are sneaky like that).


Completed gate.

While Dave rode home in the tractor, I lingered, finding these blackberries growing along a fenceline.  Blackberry cobbler!

I also saw this Longhorn bull hanging out.  Last week he tried to spear one of our Irish Wolfhounds, so we are very respectful of him. 


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