Pixel Schnitzel in a tree

May 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Look what we found in the tree this morning…if you look closely you’ll see our cat Pixel Schnitzel (Pixel for short).  She is very athletic, as you can see. 

Pixel came to live with us at our old house.  She walked in through one of the open doors when we weren’t looking.  We found her later that night, crying behind a chair.  We named her Pixel because she was about 5 weeks old, and so tiny.  She was feral, but she is very sweet now.

We have another cat about the same age (Sophie) who came to live with us at around the same time.  Sophie appeared after a hurricane, and we think maybe she just blew in or lost her way during the storm.  Either that, or someone dumped her on our property.  But we prefer to think that she just lost her way.   

Sophie and Pixel have been spayed and are all caught up on their vaccinations.  Neither one of them likes the vet.  When we took them in to be spayed, Sophie was so traumatized by the car trip, she pooped in her crate when we were about halfway there.  That was probably the worst car trip ever.  Later, the vet clinic charged us a “clean-up” fee because they had to wash the poop off her.


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