HVAC scare

May 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

We just got around to replacing a burnt-out electrical box on the HVAC unit in our attic. 

Years ago, Dave’s mom (who lived here previously) hired an HVAC company (thankfully no longer in business) to install a heat pump.  The unit caught on fire in our attic this past January, melting a small electrical box on top of the unit. 

 That fire could have burned down the farmhouse.   The HVAC company had run 8/2 with ground directly from the power lugs to the fuse panel with two 60-amp fuses (8/2 is rated for only 50-amps). 

Dave thinks that the vibration of the HVAC unit over the years caused the connection on the right side fuse to work its way loose, causing an arc, then the January fire.  You can see that it got so hot from the arc that it melted a hole through the fuse panel and thru the HVAC unit (the picture is with the lid open so you can see inside). 

Here the unit has the interior plastic plate removed so you can see where it melted through. 

This box is 12-inches under the roof rafters, so we were very fortunate that the only thing that burned was the box itself. 

An electrician came over and oversaw the replacement and rewiring, and now we are up to code.  We also have air conditioning.  This is a very good thing.


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