Baby blue jays

May 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

It was a busy weekend.  On Saturday, I worked the book sale in my community, came back and started clearing the patio, then went to dinner and then the car races.  On Sunday, I spent the entire day working on my laptop writing a couple of white papers for work.  The patio was put together enough that I was able to work outside at a little table and chairs.  I found the table stored in the garage, and I dragged the chairs off the front porch.   The patio is a long way from being finished, but it looks so much better than before.  I need to buy more shade-loving plants for the covered area. 


I’d also like an outdoor rug.  With just the small amount of work I’ve done so far, it is already a nice place to hang out.  The dogs love it too.   Here’s one of our Irish Wolfhounds checking out the plants. 

I put everything away at about 6pm, and then headed in to the kitchen to start dinner.  I was just in time to see a couple of blue jays shove their baby birds out of the nest into the back yard.  One of the cats immediately pounced, and so she and her cat buddies had to spend the rest of the evening in the mudroom, while the blue jays made their way to a safe place.  In addition to the two blue jay babies, there was also a baby mockingbird who’d been ejected from his nest at the same time.  I risked getting dive bombed by the irritated parents, and took a couple of pictures for you. 


Eventually they made their way to some trees in the back, and I was able to let the cats out of the mudroom.


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