Dog extravaganza

May 27, 2011 § Leave a comment

I am feeling overwhelmed with dogs this week.  It turns out that the dogs that appeared in our yard earlier this week belong to the neighbors.  Last night they appeared in our yard again (fortunately when I wasn’t outside with one of our own dogs).  The neighbor’s dogs are Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and according to the neighbor, they are very ferocious.  Well, they aren’t.  They trotted right over to me.  Maybe in their own yard, they are ferocious, but in my yard, they were very sweet.  They didn’t even bother our cats.  I got them both on leashes and walked them over to the neighbors, who were very grateful.  I think the dogs must be burrowing under the fence or something.

At any rate, our dogs are now very aware that the neighbor’s dogs could appear on our property at any time, and so they spend a lot of their time staring out the windows, waiting for something to happen.  Of course, NOTHING happens.  But, they still wait.

And when they’re not doing that, they are sleeping on the couch.  Irish Wolfhounds must be the laziest breed, in addition to the tallest breed.

Lazy dogs.


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