June 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

Even though we are now gluten-free, we can’t resist these Cajun chickens.  Yes, they have a teeny-tiny bit of gluten in them.  The man at the store says that it is in the canned chicken soup that they use in the stuffing.  These chickens are our one big splurge.  They are so delicious, that if we have to splurge on something, it might as well be these chickens.

They are from a butcher called Hebert’s Delicious Meats, where we go once a month or so to buy 5-6 of them.  They are so good, it’s worth the 1-hour drive, the horrific traffic, and the hassle.  We always bring a cooler, and arrange the day around other errands.  This time, we combined a trip to Hebert’s with a visit to our favorite mechanic (Dave had to pick up some parts for one of his race cars), lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant, and a stop at the fish store to stock up on fish food for our tank of African cichilds.  It was a good day.


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