June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our dogs are excellent watchdogs.  They keep a vigilent eye on the back and front yards, and let us know if something is amiss.  Yesterday evening, they were frantically barking at something in the back yard.   I thought maybe one of the neighbor’s cows had escaped into our yard, but it turned out to be much more exciting.  The neighbors were out in the back pasture in their bee suits, moving around the hives.

Sorry for the lousy shot.  I probably could have gotten a little closer, but I figured that if they were wearing protective gear, I probably should be wearing some too, so I stayed far away.  Still, it was pretty exciting.  Usually they work after dark, so we were lucky to get a glimpse of the activities.

By the way, it has been raining all day today.  This is the first rain we’ve had since February, and it’s great to get a little moisture.  For the first time in months, we don’t have to water the plants outside.  It is supposed to rain all week.


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