We so NEED a swimming pool

June 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dave and I have been talking about how much we NEED a swimming pool.  We joke that just can’t live without one.  I had a pool before I married him, and every day when I came home from work I floated around in the pool, drank a glass of lemonade or tea (wine if it was a Friday), and enjoyed the evening.  We are living in an old farmhouse now, and although we have a beautiful duckpond and pastures, they just don’t have the same appeal as a swimming pool.

As you know, we are in the process of remodeling our current place.  Adding a swimming pool is like adding a big headache to our already humonguous to-do list.  But, recently, with the long days of 100-degree plus weather, and little rain, we started thinking that a pool would be quite nice.

I think I’m the one who got the ball rolling, when I suggested, “let’s try out an above-ground pool first.  Later, when we decide we like it, we can put in a real pool, and sell the above-ground one on Craig’s List.”

I suggested a certain location in the backyard, which turned out to be too hilly..

So, he’s been checking out the yard, which doesn’t have many options because our property is not flat.  He measured here and there with the measuring tape, finally deciding on a place behind the garage, where he thought it was level enough for a pool, and a shade trellis.

Meanwhile, we’ve been paying attention to pools in the stores, and we’ve been texting each other with ideas.

Of course, even if we buy a pool right now, we might not be able to fill it with water, since there’s a water shortage because of the drought, and our city has been experiencing problems with breaking water supply pipes, which means even less water.  I wonder if filling it with well water counts against our water usage?  Does that seem wasteful?


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