Irish Wolfhound running errands in the car

June 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love convertibles, but hate to ride in them because the wind noise is unbelievable.  I also hate my hair flying around in my face, and then trying to brush out all the knots when I get to my destination.  So a skylight is my compromise.  When it’s cool outside, I just open the skylight, and enjoy the sunlight and breeze.  Our dogs love the skylight too.  When I run errands on the weekends, I like to bring one of the dogs with me, especially when I’m going to pet-safe shops, where dogs are allowed.  Recently, I took one of the Irish Wolfhounds with me to the hardware store and the pet store…a 5-mile journey, and slow all the way.  Of course, Addie likes to ride with her head out the open skylight, which I let her do this time because we were only going 20 miles per hour.  Also, you can imagine the looks we get as we drive through our town’s main street.  People stop and stare, point and laugh.  Addie, our female Irish Wolfhound, loves it.

I know you’re probably wondering how I managed to take pictures while I was driving.  Rest assured, I wasn’t doing anything risky.  I set the camera on the console between the seats, and let it do all the work while I drove.  It bumped around a bit, so most of the pictures were blurry.

After I got home, I had about 100 pictures, most of which were pretty awful. But there were a few good ones that really made me laugh.


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