SOOooo sorry

November 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

So sorry for the long delay between posts…it has been very aggravating recently.  A tornado came through, and took away one of the walls of our house.  And then the insurance companies each said they would not pay.  Our homeowner’s insurance classified the tornado as windstorm, and said that they “do not cover windstorm events,” and then the windstorm insurance people said that it “wasn’t classified as a windstorm event,” and so therefore it is not covered.  Of course we contested.  Meanwhile, we are paying for the repairs out of pocket, while our insurance companies battle it out.  I wonder what people who don’t have money in savings do in situations like this?

Meanwhile, my business partner came down with the flu…normally the flu is a 3-4-day thing.  However, he ended up in emergency care, and has now been out of work for two weeks.  Evidently, he’s lucky to have survived.  Who knew the flu could be so terrible?


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