Otis and Pixel

November 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last summer, someone dumped a kitten on us…at the time, we had a house full of contractors, and we didn’t realize that one of them had left a door open, gifting us with a kitten.

“Hey,” Dave said, shaking me awake at 3am, “did you hear that?”

Me:  bleary and definitely still asleep,  “Whatever it is, it’ll still be there in the morning; now quit hassling me, and go back to sleep.”

Dave:  “Someone’s in the house!”


Dave:  suspicious and extremely irritated, “I hear meowing!  It’s a cat!  You let a strange cat in the house!  What were you thinking?!”


Dave:  “Wake up!  Wake up!  It’s probably pooping and peeing all over the couch!”


Two hours later, the pooping and peeing fuzzball was finally cornered under the couch, where she lurked, absolutely terrified.  She was six weeks old, a tabby, and definitely not interested in anything we had to offer.  We put her in Otis’ old dog crate, and went back to bed.  When we were awake, we tried to take her to the pound to be adopted.  After they advised me not to leave her there because she’d be exterminated, we brought her home and named her Pixel.  She has been with us ever since.  Here she is with Otis (her favorite dog).  It’s funny how the smallest kitten is completely unafraid of the largest dog.  They are best buddies.

Otis weighs 200 pounds, and Pixel is 3 pounds.  He’s an Irish Wolfhound, she’s a tabby cat.  Yet, they’re best pals.  When Otis goes outside, he looks for Pixel.  He loves all cats, but Pixel is his favorite.


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