Transplanting a tree

December 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

Our city is doing some major work on the road in front of our farmhouse.  They recently seized 16 feet to widen the road and build sidewalks.  We’re not terribly happy about having our land seized, nor are we thrilled about having the city remove all of our trees, rosebushes, and the beautiful fence that Dave made for his parents 20 years ago….but we are surviving.  The big earth-movers give the dogs something to watch out the front windows when we are at work, and it will be nice to have sidewalks.

When Dave’s dad died in 1995, his family planted a redbud tree in memorialize him.  That tree was sitting on the edge of the land the city seized via imminent domain.  So, we hired a tree-mover to come in and move the tree.  The mover came in a gigantic truck with a robotic digging device on the back, and had a new hole dug, the tree excavated, and replanted in 30 minutes.  We took a movie of the entire event, but here’s a shot that we took interim.

We now have a rosebud tree in the front yard.  The tree moving truck is coming back today to one of our other trees into the back pasture.  When you do this, you have to water in the tree for several hours,  You also have to trim back the foliage.


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