Beef brisket (the lazy way)

December 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

There was a sale recently on brisket at our grocery store.  It was already smoked, cooked, and sliced, so we bought a few pounds of it.  I don’t like cold brisket, and I also don’t like dried-out brisket, which is frequently how it turns out if I attempt to reheat it in foil without adding liquid.  What we do is place the cold brisket slices in a glass pan, separating them slightly.  Then we open a can of Coke (not diet), and pour it over the meat.  Cover with aluminum foil, and then place the pan in a 300-degree oven, and heat until the meat is hot (about an hour).  The soda makes a nice gravy, which doesn’t taste like Coke.  If you like, you can pour the gravy over mashed potatoes.  It is so good, and no one will know that it started out as a store-bought brisket and can of Coke!

And I’m so sorry that I didn’t take a picture.  By the time I remembered, Dave had already eaten half of it, so it wasn’t very photogenic.  Plus, my camera’s broken, so I either have to take pics with my cellphone, or find Dave’s camera, which is usually squirreled away somewhere.

You’ll just have to take our word for it…it was delicious!


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