Setting the table

January 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Although we have several sets of nice dinnerware, our plain white porcelain dishes are what we choose for our everyday meals.  The nice thing about white porcelain is that it can be easily replaced if broken, and it goes well with virtually anything.  It’s just as comfortable and beautiful at a formal dinner party as it is on a picnic table on the patio.  Our white porcelain dishes are a collected mix from World Market, Pier One, and Walmart (yes, Walmart does have nice dishes), combined with some nice antique pieces we inherited from our relatives.  I’m not terribly fond of Corelle, but we do have a few Corelle serving bowls (again, plain white).

For flatware, we use plain stainless…when Dave and I got married, we combined our sets (I think mine was Henckels, and his was some brand he picked up in his travels).  The sets are so similar, we can’t tell them apart, and they work very well for most of our meals.  We also have some hefty antique pewter pieces for when we feel like switching to something more substantial.

Our everyday glassware is from IKEA, World Market, and Goodwill.  Every time I go to Goodwill, I look for more glassware…I never know when I’ll find a piece to match what we already have.  We also have a number of inherited pieces that we are very careful with…our inherited glassware is not monetarily valuable, but is very precious to us.

The glasses we use for wine come mostly from IKEA, although we do have a few pieces that we inherited, and use very carefully.  My grandmother’s wine glasses came free with laundry detergent, and are very old.  They’re certainly not valuable, but they are very special to me.  We also have some heavy pewter drinking ware, which feels nice in the hand and looks lovely on the table, although metal drinking ware isn’t terribly practical.

For outside eating, we use either plain white plastic (from Target), or we use our everyday white porcelain.  We’re very careful bringing breakables out onto the patio though.  There’s nothing worse than breaking a plate or glass out there, and then worrying later than some child will step on an errant piece of glass.  And, although I really dislike drinking from plastic, we do have a collection of plastic cups and glasses for outdoor use.

For table linens, we have a few hundred assorted cotton and linen napkins, in all colors (but mostly white).  We have at least 30 tableclothes, in all shades…from white, cream, colorful prints and plaids, to plain tans and browns.  Most of our linens were purchased in travels from all over the world…textiles are easy to find, don’t break, and fit nicely in a suitcase without breaking, so we have quite a few representations from our travels.  I grew up using cloth napkins, and prefer them.  We’re very lazy about ironing them though…let’s just say that wrinkly napkins are charming, ok?


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