What to cook when you’re too tired to cook…go to the freezer, my friend

January 7, 2012 § 2 Comments

Do you ever have a week when you’re just glad to be finished with it?   I’m not saying that I dislike my job…that’s not the case at all.  In fact, I adore my job.  Really and truly.  I work at a behavioral research company that I started with a colleague, and it’s fun and exciting work, but the days are very long.  The additional factor with working for myself is that the work never ends…there’s always something left undone, and I end up bringing it home, and there it sits, staring at me until I take a break from my home chores, and just complete the task.  Before I know it, I’m putting in 60+ hour weeks.

On Fridays, I force myself to do something different.  I delegate Fridays as my research days, and I work only half a day in the office, and the rest of the day at a coffee shop or the library.  On Fridays I make it a point to be home by 5pm.  I light a candle, pour a glass of wine, and maybe enjoy the sunset from our duckpond (weather permitting).  Dave’s usually there to join me (although this month, he’s working on a big project, and I’m lucky if he makes it home by 8pm every evening).

We rarely go out to eat…mostly because we lack the time.  But also because the restaurants near us aren’t very good, and we don’t like eating food that we know we could prepare better ourselves.  If and when we eat out, it’s usually breakfast on the weekend, because it’s hard for a restaurant to mess up bacon and eggs, and if they do screw it up, we’re only out a few bucks for the meal.

So, on evenings like tonight, when we are too tired too cook, and we don’t want to get into the car and drive somewhere to eat substandard food, we go to the freezer, and pull out something pre-prepared…no, definitely NOT something from the supermarket.  When we cook, we usually make enough for two meals, so we can eat one then, and save another for another day.  Our freezer is packed full of goodness.

We pack most of our food in ovensafe pyrex dishes…we use those for everything.  We switched to them (from plastic) about two years ago, because we like that they are glass, and so contain no BPA.

One exception to our no-commercially-prepared-food-rule is Cajun Stuffed Chickens.  Dave is addicted to them.  Fortunately, they are (reasonably) healthy, as in they contain no preservatives or additives that our bodies don’t need, and don’t use an excessive amount of salt.  There’s a Cajun butcher in downtown Houston…Dave’s trips there always involve a large cooler and a few hundred dollars.  The chickens are very delicious, and worth the 45-minute drive, as well as the aggravation of hauling a cooler downtown, plus me in the passenger seat, begging him to stop at IKEA “for just a few minutes.”  Dave tries to eat one Cajun chicken a week, and usually I help him out (I’m nice like that).

So, tonight we’re eating from our freezer and it’s a Cajun broccoli and rice stuffed chicken, accompanied with some sauteed spinach and garlic bread.  Oh, and white wine.  What are you having?


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