Loving my cookbooks

February 18, 2012 § 6 Comments

I used to buy all of my books, and then realized that my home’s library was filling up with books that I read only one time.  While I love the smell and feel of a book as much as anyone, It didn’t make sense to have so many books that I wasn’t really reading.  So, a little over a year ago, I purged several hundred books and hauled them off to my town’s library for their semi-annual book sale.

What remains are my research volumes, a few hundred fiction books, some first editions, and several hundred cookbooks.  It’s still a lot of books but we feel better for having cleared out what we no longer needed.  We also have an e-reader and a tablet, so it’s not like we don’t also have access to the books that we tossed.

Almost all of our cookbooks stayed home (except those ubiquituous Southern Living cookbooks, which I swear have sex and multiply on our bookshelves…where do they COME FROM?).  Other than the Southern Living cookbooks, which I gleefully tossed, I couldn’t bring myself to give away very many of the cookbooks.   I find that I love almost every kind of cookbook, especially the odd strange ones with really silly recipes that no one in his right mind would want to prepare (Chicken Feet in Mole Sauce with Green Rice…double yum!).  My favorites are cookbooks with beautiful pictures; I prefer the ones that have a picture for every recipe.  I  also love the recipes that make me laugh…anything that feeds 15 people and calls for a can of tunafish, a 1-pound bag of noodles, several cups of crushed saltines, and 4 cans of condensed soup is kinda funny.  I doubt I’ll make any of those strange recipes, but I still love reading them.  Actually, any recipe with any of the following ingredients or words is probably not going to EVER be served in our home:










Rocky Mountain Oysters













Where do you draw the line?  Is there something that you refuse to eat because it’s just too strange, or is so disgusting, you can’t bring yourself to even think about eating it?  I’m a very good sport when it comes to eating (in spite of the extensive list above).  I’ve actually eaten many (maybe all?) of the things on my list.  I’ve been to many places, and I can almost always smile and eat whatever is served to me, regardless of what it is, and I usually like what I’m served (the list above is more political and personal than being based on my tastebuds).  I can honestly say that the only thing I will consistently not eat EVER is cooked carrots.  Dave’s a little different…but I’ll let him tell you about that in another post.


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§ 6 Responses to Loving my cookbooks

  • Definitely not eating any cats or dogs around here.

    • Libby says:

      I’m a lover of cats and dogs too, and I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten them (can’t help it…traveling abroad, where people eat that kind of thing, and it’s unavoidable). Just realized that I should have added “horse” to the list.

  • df says:

    My “no can do” list is probably very similar to yours, though I’ve probably eaten fewer of them than you think you have. Spotted dick I have most certainly had; you can’t live in England for six years without at least trying that one!

    My personal list that I carry with me is very short: 1. serious fat on meat (say on a pork chop). I do NOT chew the fat, never mind swallow it. 2. shad roe or indeed any roe. I had a bad experience with shad roe at the home of my best friend’s grandmother years ago (she was a proper New Englander and thought shad roe was a delightful main course for a first time visitor) and I think the whole association is deeply psychological. We’ve got a definite textural theme here, don’t we. Thanks for the chance to share my peculiarities!

    • Libby says:

      Fat is my big dislike as well. Can you believe that someone once served me boiled pig fat, and I ate it? It was the worst thing ever, but I ate it because it was evidently a very special dish for her. It was extremely difficult holding back the inclination to gag.

      • df says:

        You are a brave and honourable woman, Libby! I’m the sort who will almost always eat all that I’m given too, but I honestly don’t know how I would have handled that one.

    • Libby says:

      “Spotted Dick” is more funny to me than anything…I can’t eat it merely because I’m laughing too hard.

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