Water, water, and more water

February 23, 2012 § 4 Comments

We’ve been in a drought for almost two years, and so it has been very nice recently to be the recipients of some much needed rain.  Our duckpond, which about a month ago was so low that we worried for the survival of our fish, is now back to its original size.  The pond is about an acre….maybe a little more.  It’s the home to several large koi, catfish, sunfish, bass, and numerous other fish.  We stand on the dock in the evenings, and feed them food scraps and fish food.

Last month, we took advantage of the dry weather and did some work in the back pasture behind the barn, hauling in dirt, and raising the level a foot or more.  We also transplanted some trees from the front of our property to the back, and then dug some ditches to allow water to flow into the pond when it does rain.   The transplanted trees, which were looking a little iffy after their transplanting, seem like they will survive.

What you’re not seeing is the tree that was hit by lightning two weeks ago.  It fell in between the house and the barn, pretty much filling the entire area.  When it dries out, we’ll be out there with the chainsaw, cutting it onto firewood for our woodburing fireplace.  It rarely gets cold enough here to have a fire except 1-2 nights during the winter, but I’m sure we’ll use some of the wood for barbecues this coming summer.

As usual, one solitary rogue iris has decided to bloom in the middle of winter.  In another two months, the rest of the iris will come up and show their blooms.  It’s nice to see this guy in the meantime.


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§ 4 Responses to Water, water, and more water

  • viveka says:

    Love the photo of the iris – white the rain drops – over here they don’t bloom until May the earliest. One of my favorite flowers. Could be because it’s in the Swedish colors; blue & yellow. Have a heart full of those colors.

  • df says:

    We have pond envy! Although we have a decent pond and have put a lot of work into keeping it that way through our recent dam building efforts, we don’t have your wonderful fish. Stocking our own pond with fish is on the wishlist.

    That tree coming down must have been a bit startling! Very impressed that you two wield a chainsaw. When we made our move to the country we agreed that we were not up to learning how to deal with a chainsaw, and so all wood cutting around here is done with an old-fashioned cross-saw. Anyway, I’m dead impressed.

    And that Iris? Wow. Wow. Wow. I miss living in England some times, as the daffodils are blooming now, but that Iris is just gorgeous.

    Oh, and I’d love to know more about the trees you transplanted and how you get on with them.

    • Libby says:

      We’re both engineers, so wrestling with machinery is natural to us. All the same, I usually let Dave do it, because he seems to enjoy it a great deal. Re the pond, it is stocked thanks to his parents efforts, many years ago.

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