When fast food is an option

February 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

It has been one of those weeks.  I prepped for and then drove to Austin this week for an all-day proposal teaming discussion, and then drove back on the same day.  Then there was the back and forth frantic emailing while I and our company’s teaming partner put the final touches on the proposal before we submitted it (yay, it’s finally in).  During the week, I worked on answering questions for an interview (evidently, I am some student’s capstone project), prepared a social media classroom project we are doing at work, worked on a research project (something else for work), interviewed for a new contract (which we won), and attended a workshop.  It has been a long week (thank goodness Fridays are my research days, which are relatively relaxed).

Last night, as I walked in the door after a 15-hour day, I realized that neither Dave nor I had made any plans for dinner.  I opened the freezer…blah, just blah.  I know that what’s in the freezer is actually good.  We prepared it and took the time to package and freeze it, which means that we liked it enough to make enough for several meals.  However, there comes a time when one doesn’t even want to go through the effort of reheating a casserole.  That’s really sad, isn’t it?  I’m sure you’ve been that tired yourself, too.

Dave, having also worked late, called and asked me what’s for dinner.  “How about apples and cheese?” I said.  Being the wonderful human being that he is, he immediately made a beeline for the local Chinese restaurant, which is conveniently on his way home.

If you stay away from the deep-fat fried options, you really can’t go wrong with Chinese food.  It may not be as healthful as homecooked vegetables and rice, but it’s so delicious.  Last night we were so tired, I almost fell asleep in my plate.  Most of what you see went uneaten, and Dave’s eating it for his lunch today.  When is fast food an option for you, and what are your more likely fast food options?

By the way, thank you My Guilty Pleasures, for nominating us for the Versatile Blogger Award.  We enjoy reading your blog, too.  No time for a response this morning, because I’m heading off for the library, but later today, guaranteed, I’ll respond to your query.  Also, we need to think about who we’ll nominate for the award…we can think of more than a few bloggers whose readings we enjoy so much.


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§ One Response to When fast food is an option

  • pusspudding says:

    There is loads of great Fast Food out there … and no guilt for going down that road. I’m an expert on “not cook myself a meal.
    Regarding the blogg award – a pure pleasure.
    Have a great weekend.

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