Springtime strawberries

February 28, 2012 § 3 Comments

I love it in the spring, when our local farms start harvesting strawberries.  They’re inexpensive, and make an easy snack or dessert.  I can never get my fill of them.

We served these with angel food cake and whipped cream, and they were delicious.  I doubt we’d be able to grow these on our property.  We have so many birds, they’d never survive.  We’re fortunate to have a strawberry farm within a short drive, where we can go to buy them.  We also have several farmer’s markets nearby.


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§ 3 Responses to Springtime strawberries

  • Such a gorgeous photo! I love strawberries especially with some whipped cream. Stop by and say hi 🙂

  • viveka says:

    Spring Strawberries …. for us we have to wait until middle of June – for out Midsummer celebration. Can buy now, but they comes from Israel or Spain and taste absolutely nothing. Like sticking the tongue out the window. Envy you! Can anyone tell me why you always the green of the strawberries and only leave 3/4 left ??? Why don’t pick the beauties ????.

    • Libby says:

      We’re with you…the out of season ones taste like dirt or something. They’re horrible. One way to combat that is with a squirt of honey. Just marinate them in a little honey, and they will taste slightly better, although still not as good as the ones fresh from the farmer’s market.

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