Planting the seeds for a garden

February 29, 2012 § 5 Comments

We worked a little this past weekend on our vegetable garden.  I went to the store and bought a mini-greenhouse, some soil, seeds, and more  biodegradable pots.  This brings our expenditure total to a little less than $100 for this year’s garden (not including labor).

While at the store, I was momentarily distracted (BLINDED) by some photovoltaic garden lights, which I purchased.  With many acres of property, there’s no way we can run electricity to very part of our property.  So, little photovoltaic lights make sense.  I bought a bagful, and then spent two hours with Otis (our biggest Irish Wolfhound) hiking around the property and strategically placing them.  Otis likes walks, and he especially likes being with one of us, without having to compete with the other dogs for attention.

We already had a few lights scattered throughout, but the new additions make it even better.  Dave and I love being outside late at night, and seeing the little lights, guiding us along pathways, illuminating a sitting area next to the duckpond, and highlighting our little dining area next to the barn.  I think I’ll buy a few more.

Then, I hauled a table and chairs to a flat area near the barn and one of our rose gardens.  I like little sitting areas throughout the property, where we can sit and enjoy the wildlife.  When we get some sunny days, I’ll snap a few pictures for you.

I spent another few hours planting the new seeds in their pots, and arranging them in the little greenhouse.  I wonder how much time and money we will have spent growing our own organic herbs and vegetables, by the time harvest comes along.  Still, I think it’s worth it, and I can’t wait for the harvest.  While I was placing lights, hauling furniture around the property, and planting vegetable seeds, Dave was on the tractor, mowing the lawn.


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§ 5 Responses to Planting the seeds for a garden

  • viveka says:

    Well done – you two !!!! Remember to put some onions close to your beside you carrots !!! Then the worms wont bit – my grandmother always did that for her root vegetables – radishes too – and they where never attacked.

  • df says:

    Sounds absolutely delightful at your place. The lights are such a good idea and something we need to do much more of ourselves. This year when we put out Christmas lights we strung up white lights in an apple tree right behind the house and I love it because at night we’re not just looking out onto a black void.

    Well done with the seeds; we’re just getting to the stage of setting up our seed trays. Do you have to do battle with deer or other critters where you are?

    • Libby says:

      Your twinkle lights sound beautiful. And yes, we do have quite a few animals that live on our property…I’m sure that this year’s garden will bring them out in force.

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