Vignettes in the gardens

March 2, 2012 § 3 Comments

Thanks to Dave’s mom, we have beautiful little vignettes all over our property.  Her hand and vision are evident in the many small gardens scattered throughout our land.  From the bamboo growing at the edge of the duckpond, to the iris and rose gardens, there is nary a place she hasn’t planned.

Since we purchased this place from her estate a little over a year ago, I’ve worked toward continuing her vision.  I’ve brought in plants to replace those that were lost in the hurricane, we’ve relocated trees, built a barn, refurbished a back pasture (elevating it about a foot), brought in landscaping lighting, and planted numerous rose bushes and flowers.

I doubt I’ll ever be Dave’s mom’s match in terms of gardening ability, but thank goodness she gave us a good start here.  Thanks to her, I’ll never have to face the desolate swamp that was here when she and Dave’s dad built the place.  There were no trees here, nor roses or anything else.  It was sticky, gluey mud at that time.  Over the years, she planted trees, hauled in dirt, built two ponds with Dave’s dad, and nurtured wildlife, eventually bringing the place to what it is now:  a beautiful respite and parklike setting on the edge of a large city.

We might occasionally complain about our rickety farmhouse, but for the most part, this is a lovely place to be.  We willingly moved from a place much grander than this, with many more amenities.  However, it’s this land and old farmhouse that draws us in, and makes us grateful for every day.


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§ 3 Responses to Vignettes in the gardens

  • viveka says:

    Libby … you have some land to look after – that dog are something else – no wonder you need farmland. Understand why you both love it so much and it will keep you busy too. Like the dog photo. *smile

  • df says:

    That dog is colossal! Love that picture. Your land does indeed sound wonderful and the homage you pay to Dave’s mother is lovely. Now that barn – will you please tell the story of building it and give us a show and tell? First pond envy, now barn envy – I’m having trouble coping over here!

    • Libby says:

      Yes, we’ll definitely give a show and tell. I will tell Dave to get busy on a post for that (right now, he’s working on a post for transplanting trees, which takes awhile because he is very thorough). PS…Otis says thank you, thank you very much to everyone for the accolades regarding his size and cuteness.

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