Goodwill thrifting and a new painting

March 6, 2012 § 4 Comments

We like to go thrifting.  Sometimes we find a good bargain, and other times we come away with nothing.  It’s always fun to look though.  Among Dave’s favorite finds are old record albums.  He still hasn’t decided if records sound better than CDs, but he’s having a fun time listening to music and comparing the two.  A recent thrifting adventure turned up no record albums, but we did find this painting.

Usually it’s obvious if something is an original or not.  This feels like an original, but my gut feeling is that it is a fake.  The paint brush strokes are raised, and there are some pencil marks on the canvas that make it seem like an original, but it’s probably just a good reproduction. It doesn’t really matter though, because we’ll like it just as much even if it is a fake, and it’s not like we spent a lot of money on it (it was cheap, cheap, cheap).  It’s heading to our Master bathroom, where its green tones will highlight the green views out the window.

I’m a real sucker for Goodwill paintings.  Dave thinks I’m a little crazy to like them so much, but he has ceased to complain, ever since I bought that original Aubrey Ramus for $3.99.


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