The bottomless basket of dog treats

March 17, 2012 § Leave a comment

We keep a basket of fruit and vegetables on the kitchen counter.  We never worry that things will go bad because we eat through it very quickly.  Every morning we’ll each have an apple or two for breakfast.  We also eat apples with lunch on the weekends, with cheese and crackers as an appetizer (or a meal), and in pies and apple crisps for dessert.  Our dogs eat the apple cores (minus the seeds, which we extract).  They love them.

A few times we’ve caught the dogs stealing from this basket, since it temptingly sits on the counter that separates the kitchen from dining area.  Dogs are not allowed in the kitchen, but it’s so easy to casually saunter by from the dining area at the exact moment when an apple just happens to fall out of the basket.  Otis is particularly guilty of this.  And if Otis is all alone (i.e. middle of the night while we are sleeping), there’s no need for the casual saunter….he can just help himself.

He prefers apples, but in a pinch will settle for a potato.


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