How we post, and when

March 22, 2012 § 9 Comments

We thought you’d appreciate a little update on how we put together the blog, when we post, who does the writing, who figures out what to post, who takes the pictures, and what we decide to write about.

This blog started because Dave and I wanted a way to document our experiences living in the slightly rickety old farmhouse where Dave grew up (our friend Cheryl says we are being a little deceptive when we say rickety, indicating that it’s not as bad as we portray it, and she’s right; it probably isn’t).

We also wanted to write about eating (a favorite subject of ours) and living green (another favorite subject of ours)  So, we decided to start a blog.

When we started the blog, we had no idea we’d make so many blogging friends.  We’ve learned a lot from following those who follow us, and have incorporated many of our fellow bloggers’ suggestions and ideas into our everyday routine.  And the food!  Oh, the lovely recipes…I can’t tell you how many meals we have crafted as a direct result from reading your blogs.  But we don’t just follow food writers…we follow D.I.Y.’ers, writers, engineers, scientists, and a number of other experts who write about their passion.  We do most of our blog reading on the weekends, but there are a few that we do manage to read every day just because we can’t wait for the next installment.

Who does the writing?  I do most of it, but what I write is heavily influenced by Dave.  Although Dave has a log-in that I set up for him, he usually doesn’t write a thing.  However, he does like to suggest topics and take the occasional picture.  He is typically hands off until I write about him, and then he may take exception to my portrayal of him (or not).  I know I’d do the same with his portrayal of me, if the situation was reversed.  Sometimes one of our friends will ask him about a recent post where something that he said or did was featured (i.e. the Paleo Diet post, and anything about bacon).  Then he’ll claim that he had no part whatsoever in that posting.  Later, when the actual posting is read to him (usually at a dinner table, where friends have requested that he fill them in on actual details), he’ll say “Well, yes, that actually happened….yes, I did really say that.”  And so it goes.

The fact is, that Dave likes bacon.  He likes junky food.  He wants to live a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes the real world intervenes (i.e. Jack in the Box).  He was raised to be respectful, open, nonjudging, and kind.  So, his love of bacon in virtually everything should be overlooked.

Who takes the pictures?  Usually I take them.  You can always tell the ones that Dave takes because they are better.  Dave also has plenty of suggestions concerning what sorts of pictures to take.  Be sure to take a picture of what we’re having for dinner, he’ll say, and then later he’ll joke to our friends about how he had to wait TWENTY minutes for dinner because I was trying to capture the perfect picture of his plate.  Yes, I do take pictures of everything; but no, he has never had to wait more than a few minutes to eat because I was taking pictures of it.  I’m an engineer, and not a photographer.  Frankly, I’m a pretty bad photographer, if you really need to know.  If Dave has to wait a few minutes, it’s because I’m trying to figure out aperture, focal length, and the other mystifying crap that the camera thinks is important.  I honestly still don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to taking pictures…thank goodness for my friend Olga, who teaches the astronauts how to take pictures.  Without her occasional tutorial, I’d really be a mess.  Meanwhile, Dave, who also knows how to take pictures, is operating in the background, telling me when a picture looks bad, or if I did a good job.

When do we post?  That’s easy.  I write the skeletons for the posts on the weekend.  Almost everything that you read is actually written on Sunday.  We post every weekday morning, usually before 8am Central time (as soon as I can get a cup of coffee, and sit down at the desk to make the post).  We try to also post once during the weekend (usually Saturday morning or afternoon).  We always try to include a photo in every post, unless it’s just dialogue (Dave talking about bacon, for instance).

How do we decide what to write about?  There are many things that happen in our lives that we just don’t write about.  We’ve settled on writing about things that are related to living green.  At any given time, there are 10-15 posts in the works (our little essay about impatiens, for instance).  Then, during the week, we’ll select the 6-7 that we think are the farthest along, and we’ll post those for you to read.  There are some posts that have been in development for a long time (the story of Dave’s barn, for instance), because those take months to write, mostly because Dave is working to make sure that every detail is exactly documented for you.

So, that’s how it is around here.  For all of you bloggers out there who follow us, we wonder how you decide what to write about, and how you organize your time.  Do you have another job, or is blogging your primary job?  How do you juggle your time?

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§ 9 Responses to How we post, and when

  • viveka says:

    Brilliant … post, Libby … going over to mum in a couple of hours – have plenty time rethink about this !!!!

  • Since I have an idea of a menu in mind for the upcoming week, I’ll sketch that out. I am like you though, I write everyday. I try to do it in the morning but it can lead into the night if the words are hard to find. Those are the times that my entries look like diary segments, because I just have to much going on to concentrate.

    • Libby says:

      I read somewhere that when you step away from writing, if only for awhile, then you risk forgetting how to craft a decent sentence. I think this is true.

  • ninabaydoun says:

    Hi I nominate you for the Liebster award. Check it please.

  • df says:

    Dave and bacon – can’t tell you how much I love that. You know, I think just about everyone loves bacon. Almost every vegetarian I’ve ever known has a soft spot for bacon (whether they indulge it is another matter)…but I digress.

    I really enjoyed reading this and getting a view into how your blog comes to life. I’m mostly a late night writer, after my youngest has gone to bed and everyone else is doing their own thing. I have no schedule and generally write what inspires me at the time, though I do have topics that come into my head and stay on a back burner for a long time until I get to them (those are usually the longer, meatier posts). Taking part in NaBloPoMo last November helped me to realize how important it is – for me – that I write most days, if not always every day. Reading is also somewhat sporadic for me, though it’s always inspiring.

    • Libby says:

      I’d never heard of NaBloPoMo and had to google it. I agree with your observations about the importance of writing every day. Like you though, we’re a little lax on reading blogs…sometimes, I’ll sit down and read an entire month’s worth at a time.

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