Fruit and vegetable snack tray

March 26, 2012 § 10 Comments

Sorry for today’s late posting…I was called for jury duty, and the change in my morning routine caused me to forget to post.   One nice thing about getting called to jury duty in my community is the fact that the courthouse is on the beach.  Who could complain about that?

Several of my office colleagues and I decided to whip up a celebratory feast last week.  Unlike many offices, we trend toward healthy and homemade options, although we haven’t entirely sworn off junk food.  In addition to some really delicious meatballs made by one of the office managers, another colleague made a very tasty dessert, and I brought a fruit and cheese tray.  There are about 80 of us sharing office quarters on our floor, and we all enjoyed the opportunity to take a break, and enjoy a meal together.

There’s really no recipe for making a fruit and cheese tray.  Use a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, 1-2 types of cheese, and some crackers or fresh bread.  I know you can buy platters already made at local grocery stores.  However, I prefer to put together my own.  Not only am I assured that the ingredients are their freshest, but I also can make sure that my ingredients are clean with no residues of chemicals or other undesirable elements I’d rather not consume.


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§ 10 Responses to Fruit and vegetable snack tray

  • viveka says:

    Looking good and I like those platters too .. good way to share when there is many, then is’t only to hope that they have all washed their hands! *smile.. understandwhy you not complain about your duty. Have been in a jury once, didn’t like it – 3 days.

    • Libby says:

      We’ve had several parties catered at the house, and I always save the trays they use for the food…they’re perfect for bringing to office parties like this. Regarding the jury duty, it would have been even nicer if the actual courtroom could be on the beach, but alas, we only had windows that looked out to the sea. Still, it was quite nice.

  • Snack trays are completely underrated. They were my saviour when I would cater the local art shows at university as part of my volunteer, understudy job. Last thing you need is people with grubby fingers walking around touching artwork.

    • Libby says:

      Oh yes, so true! Fortunately, we had unsticky foods for our snacks, plus a fully equipped kitchen where people can wash their hands.

      • viveka says:

        The most infected area’s are door handles, money, phones and keyboard & mouse – we wash our hands when we been to the washroom – then when we put our hand on the door handle and our hands are infected straight away. Really scary.!!! That’s why I always have handwipes in my handbag – they are also good for getting stains of clothing. Specially men’s silk ties, when the sauce has put it’s mark.
        Where at a wedding and the bride had got grass stains on her dress. The house keeper took out handwipes and they where gone in a couple of minutes.

      • Libby says:

        I much prefer those handwipes over the germ gel. The gel kills some germs, but keeps the dirt on your hands.

  • viveka says:

    Germ gel … make the hands go so dry – all because of the high alcohol in them. Handwipes are a must for the handbag. Get totally lost if I don’t have any with me. Same with handdriers. Evil things *smile

  • viveka says:

    Hope you had a good day with your duties .., and I’m hoping there dolphins to enjoy. Going back to my own place this afternoon. Had sunshine for my whole stay – would had sunshine at home too. See you from Landskrona.

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