Shellfish allergies

April 3, 2012 § 6 Comments

We recently discovered that I am allergic to shellfish.  It has been developing for awhile.  During a research practicum two years ago, in which I was served lobster two evenings in a row, I discovered that I couldn’t touch lobsters without having a topical reaction.  I could still eat them though.  Later, I noticed that I couldn’t handle shellfish while preparing it, unless I wore gloves, but I could still eat it.  At Dave’s recent seafood boil, I didn’t eat much, and I was fine.  Dave and Olga peeled what little I did eat though, so I was spared the itchiness.

The day after Dave’s Cajun seafood boil, I made gumbo with the leftover shellfish.  Dave stood for an hour at the sink, peeling shellfish for the stew.  It was wonderful gumbo…so rich and delicious.  We both ate a big bowls.  Later, my throat swelled, and I became very ill, and wondered if I should go to the hospital.   Fortunately, as reactions go, it turned out to be not so bad.  I took an antihistime and eventually recovered.  It worried me, though, and now I have an appointment with the doctor.  I’m pretty sure she’ll just tell me what I’ve guessed already:  I’m allergic to shellfish.

I guess there could be worse things…I could be allergic to jalapenos (one of my favorite foods).  I wish I could be allergic to carrots, beef fat, or some other awful thing.  I’m already allergic to chocolate, which is no big loss because I never cared for it much anyway.


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§ 6 Responses to Shellfish allergies

  • Sorry to hear of your troubles with shellfish. Will give you a reason to search out other food avenues to replace them. Think of it as an adventure.

  • viveka says:

    You’re right .. throat swollen – first sign of allergic and you have to go to the doctor to be sure, because you can die from it if it goes more server.
    You have to know for sure. Very serious allergic. I quite a lot about allergic through my job as responsible chef. Had to. Shellfish and fish is not the same allergic. Shellfish is the dangerous one. Also if you’re allergic – you have to stay away from them. Good luck. For you sake I hope it’s something else, but I doubt. Feel so sorry for you. Really do.

  • […] made shrimp wontons.  Since I had that terrible reaction to shellfish, my doctor decided that I can’t eat shrimp anymore.  So, David got to eat all of shrimp […]

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