Irish Wolfhound toys

April 12, 2012 § 12 Comments

Our dogs are big, and destroy expensive dog toys in seconds.  The more expensive the toy, the quicker it is destroyed.  We gave up long ago on buying them toys at the store, and now give them discarded cardboard boxes, tennis balls stuffed into old socks, and paper towel tubes.

Years ago, when Addie was doing search and rescue training, her reward at the end of an exercise would be an empty cardbox box or paper towel tube.  Every other dog in the class would receive an edible treat, and then there’d be Addie, flipping her paper towel tube into the air and catching it like it was the best fun ever.

They also like to play with empty Coca Cola boxes.  We’re not big soda drinkers, so it takes a long time to work our way through a box of Coke.  This one was purchased before the holidays.

After pulling the last can of Coke from the box, I turned around to find Doodle, sitting patiently.  I gave him the box, and he ran around the living room, tossing it into the air.  While Otis ran interference, Addie moved in, and grabbed the box from Doodle, and then ran with it into the front entryway, where she dared anyone to try to take it from her.  No one tried.


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