Texas Longhorn cattle

April 18, 2012 § 6 Comments

There’s a type of cattle that do particularly well in the area of Texas where we live.  They are called Longhorn cattle, and they are the product of over 500 years of natural selection.  This breed of cattle is adapted to our environment, and does very well with our hot summers, mild winters, and the ocassional drought.

The horns of a Longhorn can easily reach 7 feet across.  Longhorn cattle look mean, as if they could toss you into the air with their horns…actually they could easily do that.  Although many are mean, the cattle that graze daily in our pastures are very gentle.  They are also curious and interested in everything, and are especially intrigued by our dogs.  When we walk the dogs in the back pastures, the cattle will run to the fence, tossing their horns and asking to play.  When Addie was a puppy, one little calf was especially taken with her, and for a brief while she and the calf were the same size.  It wasn’t long though, before the calf became a large animal with very sharp horns, and we had to learn to keep our “little” 125-pound Irish Wolfhound pup out of harm’s way.

We remain careful and make sure that the dogs are on leashes, as we have no desire to pay several hundreds of dollars in veterinarian bills to have a dog stiched up merely because some cow wanted to wrestle.

Lately, the Longhorn have been plastered up against the fences, watching the workers that we’ve contracted to help us raise the level of the pastures.  We’re having truckloads of dirt hauled in, and the cattle think this is the most interesting event they have ever seen.  All day long, they lean against the fences, watching the activity, and also hoping for handouts from the workers, who ocassionally toss them a leftover apple core.


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