Turtles, laying eggs in our yard

May 2, 2012 § 11 Comments

Yesterday morning, while I was drinking my coffee and looking out the kitchen window, I happened to see one of the cats stalking a slow-moving blob on the lawn.  I grabbed my camera, and ran out to the yard, and was able to capture this picture of a turtle coming up into the yard to lay her eggs.  Dave grew up on this farm, and says that every year, 7-10 of them crawl up into the yard to find a quiet place to lay their eggs.  It’s difficult to see the scale of this beautiful turtle, but she was about 10-inches long.

I like how her shell is decorated with algae from the duck pond.  Her bit of camouflage didn’t do much of a job hiding her from me, thanks to her enormous size and the cat stalking her.  Why yes, I was out in the yard in my pajamas and bathrobe, while the road-workers were driving up and parking their cars, and getting their big dirt-moving machines revved up for the day.  I’m sure they think I’m a little strange, hanging around in the yard in my pajamas, taking pictures of turtles.

Dave says that last weekend, when I was off teaching a workshop in town, he saw some turtles laying eggs in the side yard off the Master bedroom.  Turtle eggs take 70-90 days to hatch, so by the end of July, we might be seeing some turtle hatchlings, crawling through the yard, and making their way to our pond.


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§ 11 Responses to Turtles, laying eggs in our yard

  • viveka says:

    How fantastic – and they are big. Never seen a “wild” turtle. How wonderful to have turtles in the pond – all excited. As you says .. what a beautiful pattern his has on her shell. You have to try to get photos of the babies. How exciting this is.

  • melissa bland says:

    k & c are SOOOO excited. we may have to come over for a picnic when they hatch!

    • Libby says:

      We are very excited, too. Yes, definitely we’ll have to have a little party to celebrate their hatching…AND you can also feed the ducks and we’ll take you for a ride in the canoe.

  • df says:

    Really, really neat and wonderful. We have a turtle in our pond who we usually spot in the spring, warming her shell in the stream or nearby somewhere. Haven’t seen eggs and wish we could. When we were dropping our older son off at a Scout camp a couple of years back we just happened upon a turtle on the beach laying her eggs in the sand and it was magical. You must blog about the babies!

    • Libby says:

      Dave says when he was growing up here, he saw hatchling turtles many times. I’ll definitely blog about it when/if I have a chance to see them.

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