Clover: Weed or beautiful flower?

May 3, 2012 § 6 Comments

Our front flowerbeds are a bit of a mess.  I’ve been spending some time this week, pulling out the weeds.  There were some weeds that I left in place though.  For now, this flowering clover gets to stay.

It’s beautiful.  Eventually, I’ll take down both of these flower beds, when we renovate the front of our farmhouse.  Today, we’ll enjoy the blooming clover.  While I was weeding, I also planted some vegetables in the front flower beds…I figured that the soil is rich, so why not use it for growing zucchini and crookneck yellow squash.

My next project is to begin tearing out some of the landscaping at the back of the farmhouse in anticipation of an upcoming remodel.  I’ll transplant the plants into some of the native gardens throughout the property.  I’m lucky that Dave’s mom had such a green thumb.  All I have to do is follow her vision.

We also purchased many packages of wildflower seeds, and Dave and I sowed them last weekend in the empty pasture next to the house.  Eventually we’ll likely place cows or goats in this pasture (maybe chickens, too).  This summer though, it will be blooming with wildflowers.

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§ 6 Responses to Clover: Weed or beautiful flower?

  • viveka says:

    For me .. we should try to live with the clover – otherwise the small (wee) people will be very upset. As you a love clover – smells nice and the pretty little flower. Glad you kept it.

  • df says:

    Clover puts much needed nitrogen back in the soil, and it’s pretty, and it’s lovely to get lost in, and…well – you are right to keep your lovely clover. We are on team clover over here and will remain so forevermore.

    • Libby says:

      I agree. Even when I eventually have to pull it up when the other plants need more room, I’ll just put it into the compost bin to make nutrients for the soil.

  • To save you a job of pulling up the clover just cut it and dig it in, acts like a green manure. Please can post a picture of your wildflower meadow when it’s in bloom?! I absolutely love wildflowers, would be interesting to see what grows in the US. If you can leave the meadow for 2-3 years as some seeds may be biennial.

    • Libby says:

      Good idea. I’ll dig it in. Thanks for the advice. Yes, I’ll be happy to post some pictures of our wildflower meadow. It blooms throughout the year. We have different kinds of flowers as the seasons progress.

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