Chief, back to the cat hospital

May 10, 2012 § 5 Comments

It was still dark when I left for work one day this week, and so I didn’t see Chief, wounded and evidently attempting to gasp his last breath 3 feet away from the doorstep.  Dave however, found him when he left for work several hours later.  He scooped Chief into the cat carrier, and drove straight to the cat hospital where he left Chief to be examined and treated.

We’re fairly sure Chief’s injuries are due to a cat wrestling match with a stray, which he LOST.  Our cat was riddled with holes once again, making it clear that he cannot be an outside cat (as much as he really wants to be out there).  We’ve now spent almost $1,ooo dollars on this animal in the last month on surgeries, wound cleansing, stitches, stomach shaving, antibiotics, salve, and paw-holding (yes, our vet offers paw-holding as part of “the package”).

Chief is thanking us for our investment in his health and well-being by defacating in his very expensive bed, which he believes has been placed in the mudroom for his pooping convenience.  He seems to be suffering from some sort of perception malfunction, which causes him to mistake his bed for the litterbox.   Dave says that this is the new-and-not-necessarily-improved-Chief, and tells me to get used to it, because there’s more fun to come.  I suspect the “fun” is fun only for Chief, and not for us, and will involve jocularity and shenanigans (on Chief’s part, not ours) as our now house-bound formerly outdoor cat poops everywhere, leaps onto the kitchen counters to rub against the clean dishes, and throws up on our bed (hopefully Dave’s side of the bed and not mine).  It’ll be like a reality show here for the near future (until Chief dies of old age or throttling, whichever comes first), as I attempt to teach an old cat new tricks, and Dave goes crazy trying to scrape cat poop off his pillow.  Yep, that’s what it has turned into.


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§ 5 Responses to Chief, back to the cat hospital

  • viveka says:

    Poor Chief – he are only protecting his and I can see he are not really good at it. Good luck with the cat tricks – he are quite up in age. Must be some evil cat .. in your neighborhood that Chief can’t stand. Feel for you both and for him. My mums cat .. suddenly start to miss the litter box too for her peeing – (when mum ended up on hospital and she never stopped) – in the end we had to put her down, because she peed everywhere and mum with her poor vision she couldn’t always see it. Hard work and so sad .. heart breaking, but sometime there is no choice. So sad for all parts, but mostly for Chief.

  • OMG… Have you ever watched My Cat From Hell? You should totally write in and have Jackson Galaxy come in to help.

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