Little frogs, everywhere

May 17, 2012 § 3 Comments

We have little frogs everywhere at the farm.  They must have hatched recently, because it seems as if there was just a sudden explosion of them.  Earlier this week, when Dave and I were grilling chicken outside, one hopped onto my arm from the tree canopy above.  He was about the size of my fingernail, and I let him walk up and down my arm, until finally he hopped off onto one of the plants.

Yesterday evening, another little frog jumped onto Otis when we were on the patio.  Otis was unfazed.  I actually doubt he even noticed the little frog.  I took the frog, and placed him inside one of the plant pots, and took a few pictures.

I had to include my hand in the shot, so you can see just how small he is.  He is the tiniest little frog.  Imagine several hundred of these hopping all over the lawn.  It makes you afraid to walk out there, for fear that they will be crushed under your shoes.


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§ 3 Responses to Little frogs, everywhere

  • Isn’t he sweet – aw. We have quail and the babies follow along behind the mum and dad. They’re so tiny I’m always afraid I’ll drive over them.

  • viveka says:

    Fantastic and cute … you know how it’s that we girls have to kiss a lot of frogs .. before the prince turns up …. *smile You have a Zoo in your back yard.

  • Teeny tiny frogs are very cute. I used to live near a big pond and each springtime we’d get swarms of them across our garden. My gran used to visit regularly but would refuse to get out of her car if it was froglet season 🙂

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