Sorry folks…took a couple of days away

May 25, 2012 § 8 Comments

We couldn’t resist taking a few days away from the blog, to enjoy the beautiful weather, work in the garden, help our cat Chief transition to being an inside cat, and catch up on some projects at our offices.  Rest assured, we’ll be back in business on Monday.

Meanwhile, it has been an interesting week.  Dave has decided not to purchase a Porsche 911, and is instead going to purchase and refurbish an antique Porsche 356.  Right now, he’s trying to find one that he can restore.  He loves projects, and something like this will be a nice challenge for him…not to mention how much fun it will be to drive the thing in our City’s 4th of July parade, with an Irish Wolfhound sitting in the front passenger seat.  I wonder if I can convince him to make the antique 356 Porsche an electric car…do you think he’ll go for that?

I taught a couple of workshops at my office, and received some very nice letters of thanks from some of the attendees. The people who attended were the best of the best, and hearing from them about how much they enjoyed the experience was such a pleasure.

The workers who are widening our road told us that they will be finished by the end of June.  I’m a little reluctant to admit it, but I’ll miss those workers.  In spite of their Poop Tardis (which has returned to our front yard, after a brief vacation two houses down the road), Dave and I have found that the road team has sort of grown on us.  In the mornings, it’s nice to have a road worker walk into the middle of the road in his orange vest, and hold the traffic so we can pull out onto the road.  It’s also nice seeing every single one of the workers wave at me as I drive down the road.  It makes me feel like Princess Diana (or Kate Middleton).

After our cat Chief pooped on Addie’s bed this week, we decided that he might like to be an outside cat.  We’ve started letting him back outside again for a few hours at a time.  Our plan is to never allow him to be outside overnight, since nightime seems to be when he gets into fights.

The weather has been so nice this week, I thought it would be nice to sleep outside one night.  I tried to convince Dave to join me, but he said I was crazy (evidently, he is much wiser than I).  So, I set up the hammock on the porch, and brought out a few books, plus a flashlight.  I read for awhile with the flashlight, and then finally went to sleep at around midnight.  Shortly thereafter, the mosquitos, June bugs, and bats launched their attack.  I now have 70-80 mosquito bites on my head, which is the only part of me that was exposed.  When I went to get my hair cut this week, the lady who usually cuts my hair thought I had some sort of disease.  She asked me how a person gets 75 mosquito bites on their head.

I’d share some recipes with you, but the fact is…we’ve eaten nothing but apples and cheese for almost the entire week.  That’s my go-to meal when I’m too busy to make anything else.  With working in the garden, delivering workshops at the office, and working 16 hours a day (yes, that’s actually our norm around here), we didn’t take much time to cook anything special.  I forced Dave to make us some fajitas one night…he did a great job cooking the meat, but then was perplexed when he was faced with such things as side dishes.  In the end, he ate meat wrapped in corn tortillas, while I just ate beef like some Paleolithic cave girl.


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§ 8 Responses to Sorry folks…took a couple of days away

  • viveka says:

    Okay … Porsche 356 – had to look up the model on google – great looking model … and not cheap neither. Sure he will have some job cut out for himself – but as you say … he likes challenges and to make into electric is a brilliant idea.
    Think it’s a good idea to keep Chief inside over night – if he always get beaten up after dark. Poor thing … but that will work out fine at least for him.
    This with mosquito bites I got to – when I stayed in Monte Carlo and forgotten to close the balcony door … must look the same as you – people was starring at me for 2 days, the hotel sent me to the doctor and he gave me a cream and 36 hrs later they where gone – they didn’t itch.
    The hotel was just by the ocean – never seen mosquito of that model before. We have loads in Sweden too, but not this early in the year. God, bless you. Have a great weekend. We have +86F just now.

    • Libby says:

      Yes, the mosquito bites are driving me crazy…I’d put cream on the bites, but most of them are in my hair, and so it is difficult to treat them. In another day or so, they’ll be healed, and I’ll be back to normal. What was I THINKING, sleeping outside in the middle of mosquito season?

  • df says:

    Loved this update and that you were willing to share your bug-night fiasco with all of us! Hope the itching does subside very fast; that just CANNOT be fun.

    I smiled at apples and cheese – we also fall back on that an awful lot when cooking just can’t be considered, with some kind of bread or cracker thrown in if we can manage it. I could live for long periods on apple and cheese, though I would get bored.

    We’ve fixed up a few bicycles in our time, but a Porsche – wow! Will be great fun to hear about that little project!

    • Libby says:

      This won’t be Dave’s first Porsche…he has fixed up many a sportscar in his time. It’s a hobby of his (my hobby is driving them). Glad that you’re back from your vacation. Hopefully you had a nice time.

      • df says:

        Driving them sounds like more fun than fixing them up to me, so you’ve got a sweet deal. We had a wonderful holiday, thanks; will be blogging about some aspects of it next week.

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