Week in review: 6/1/2012

June 1, 2012 § 6 Comments

I bought a new wheeled backpack from IKEA.  It holds all of the gear that I need to bring back and forth to the office, and it zips apart into two separate backpacks.  Yesterday, it hauled two laptops, a tablet, a large thermos of coffee, several notebooks, a portable hard drive, and a pair of shoes.

Lisa sent us a sock monkey for wine.

We wash empty sour cream containers, and then use them to freeze chicken broth.  One container holds 2 cups of frozen chicken broth, which is the ideal amount for cooking.  To make chicken broth, we start with the bones and skin from a cooked chicken.  Cover with water, and add onion and a few parsley sprigs, and simmer for 2 hours.  Here are 4 containers of cooled broth ready to go into the freezer.

In the evenings, Dave and I frequently make little trays of snacks before dinner.  Whether it’s just for us, or we have guests over, hardly an evening passes where we don’t prepare a little appetizer plate.


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§ 6 Responses to Week in review: 6/1/2012

  • viveka says:

    My “shopping trolley” is from IKEA and couldn’t live without it. Like you’re wheeled backpack – it will last forever, a great choice. Glad it’s not only me that recycling plastic tubs – for the freezer. Have a great weekend, you two.

    • Libby says:

      We also fill the empty plastic tubs with dirt, and use them for starting seedlings.

      • viveka says:

        Talking about true green living. Good for you.

      • Libby says:

        I wish the manufacturers would use cardboard containers for sour cream instead of the plastic, because then I’d be able to compost them in our little compost ball!

      • viveka says:

        How is the compost business going …. ???? Yes, plastic bottle and package is not very environment friendly – over here they are made into new package.

      • Libby says:

        The compost business is going fabulously. We didn’t put anything in there for several days, and then I looked in there, it was full of dirt and worms! The compost ball works very well. Re the plastic packages, we try not to use them, with the exception of our favorite brand of sour cream.

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