Little chicks

June 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Dave:  The tractor is going to need new tires soon.

Libby:  You can get some new ones on Craig’s List.

Dave:  Really?

Libby:  Oh, yes.  I saw some tractor tires there when I was looking for baby chicks.

Dave:   You’re not going to buy baby chicks on Craig’s List.

Libby:  Ok, full grown chickens then.

Dave:  No chickens.

Libby:  We need 7 or 8 hens and a rooster.

Dave:  NO CHICKENS.  What is it with you and chickens?

Libby:  Plus a little rolling chicken coop that we can pull all over the yard, so the chickens can eat the worms and bugs.

Dave:  Chickens attract rats.  We’re NOT getting chickens.

Libby:  How about goats then?

Dave:  Goats are WORSE.  They’ll hop all over the yard and jump on the car.

Libby:  Can you at least make me a chicken coop?

Dave:  Not rolling.  Stationary; with rat-proof fencing.  And no rooster.


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