Week in review: 6/15/2012

June 15, 2012 § 4 Comments

We discovered that when a dog pushes against your hand when you’re serving her a treat out of a “break-resistant” Corelle bowl, the dish will crash to the floor, and break into thousands of pieces.  Yes, THOUSANDS of pieces.  The dogs had to be confined to another room while we cleaned the mess.  It took half an hour to clean up the shards, and we’re still not sure that everything is up.  I sustained several cuts from glass shards that bounced off the the floor and up into my hand and leg.

We were without sinks in the kitchen and mudroom for three days, while we replaced the faucets in each.  We ran into problems with fittings breaking and Dave had to run to the hardware store twice to purchase additional parts.  Meanwhile, we couldn’t cook in the kitchen, and we couldn’t wash the dishes either, which made me very crabby indeed, since I like everything nice and organized.  Another reason the project took so long was a neighbor, who came by on Sunday evening, wanting to discuss fencing around one of the pastures.  Dave dropped everything, and the two of them went outside to lay out a plan for the fencing.  Meanwhile, I couldn’t finish the sink work on my own because it was a two-person job.  By the time the fence discussion was over, it was 10pm, and the sinks had to wait another day.  The mudroom sink is still out of commission, since the faucet we purchased for it broke in the middle of installation.

I was stung by a yellow jacket on Tuesday.  We’ve been battling yellow jackets on the Master bedroom patio for several weeks now.  Dave thought we’d killed them all, but it turns out that a few remained.  Yellow jackets are aggressive, and their sting is extremely painful.  I was stung on a finger, and in seconds, the swelling was significant enough that my normally loose ring was stuck.  I immediately took an oral antihistimine, soaked the finger in ammonia (which takes out the sting), and then used icecubes to reduce the swelling.

By Thursday, all that remained was slight swelling and a bruise.  Meanwhile, Dave scouted out the last of the yellow yackets from the patio and killed them (yes, we’re green, but we don’t let yellow jackets live on our porch).

I made the corn dog casserole from “The Casserole Queens Cookbook.”  It was awful.  Well, not really awful, but it certainly didn’t taste anything like the corndogs I used to enjoy at the fair as a child.

The dogs LOVED it.  Don’t let our disappointment with this recipe dissuade you from buying the book, because everything else I’ve made from “The Casserole Queens Cookbook” has been excellent.  I guess we just weren’t in the mood for a casserole made out of hotdogs.  At least the dogs ate it.  Food rarely goes to waste around here, with two Irish Wolfhounds and a Labradoodle standing by at all times to assist with the leftovers.


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§ 4 Responses to Week in review: 6/15/2012

  • viveka says:

    Two Irish Wolfhounds and a Labradoodle – is what my kitchen and my leftovers need, not too sure I would be able to handle them. *smile A bit of drama – how do you kill yellow jacket … spraying something on them ????? And a broken bowl .. and no sink – what a week. How is Chief doing those days ???? Behaving ??? Silly question I guess.

  • Libby says:

    Chief is fine. He goes outside during the day, and is back inside by nighttime. The dogs aren’t much drama at all…most of the time, they just sleep. We kill the yellow jackets with a pyrethrin spray, which is based from marigolds. It is only semi-effective. Even the most toxic sprays don’t work very well. Yes, it has been quite a week, and we are glad to see the end of it. Hope you are having a good time at your mum’s.

  • df says:

    That sting looks really painful; glad to hear that Dave got rid of the yellow jackets finally, they are nasty. The bowl incident gave me pause now that we’re nearly dog-owners! The spray of shards in that picture is unbelievable. Hope you get all your taps up and working again shortly.

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