June 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

We’ve been doing a lot of talking lately about purchasing Alpacas for the farm.  We have an agricultural exemption for our property, which means that we receive a reduced tax bill in exchange for agreeing to use the property for agricultural/farm purposes.  For most of the local farmers, this means chickens, goats, cattle, and food crops.  Our neighbor uses one of our pastures for his Texas Longhorn cattle, so technically our agricultural exemption has been justified.  Our plans also include chickens (next spring) and eventually Alpacas.  The chickens are just for us, and will be for eggs only (Dave and I tend to become attached to our animals, and can’t imagine eating a pet).  The Alpacas will be raised for their wool, which we will sell to weavers.

Alpacas are gentle herd animals.  They weigh up to 200 pounds each, and their average size is about the same as our Irish Wolfhound dogs.

We have coyotes at our farm, so we will build a barn to protect the Alpacas at night, and we will also purchase a donkey to help protect the Alpacas during the day.  Donkeys are enormously protective animals…I’ve had two in the past, and have been very pleased with their ability to defend…not to mention their sense of humor.  Donkeys are so much fun to have around.

Although I have never had Alpacas in the past, I’m very familiar with them from my visits to Australia.

Nearby my family’s Australian residence is an Alpaca farm, and my aunt and uncle and I have made several trips there to purchase Alpaca wool items.  The owners of the farm are very open to allowing us to feed and pet the Alpacas.  By the way, that’s me on the left.  Look how fuzzy this Alpaca is!  Alpacas are shaved in the spring.  Their wool can be spun, and then used for crafting hats, sweaters, scarves, blankets, and other handcrafted items.


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  • viveka says:

    The best lawn mower you can have … the castle in Landskrona use them as lawn mower on grass walls surrounding the castle. Great and pleasant animal .. very friendly, llama family and originate from South Africa – didn’t know that you had them down under . Just like sheep’s – they eat and eat and eat and eat … brilliant addition to your farm. Understand Dave that he can’t eat “your pets” for dinner … I couldn’t neither. Remember when grandma chopped the heads of her chickens and hens. Terrible.

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