Week in review: 6/29/2012

June 29, 2012 § 6 Comments

I tried sleeping outside on the hammock again.  After my previous attempt (when mosquitos had a buffet on my head), I was a little afraid that I would again be inundated by insects.  This time though, it was very nice.  There were very few mosquitos, and I was able to relax in the hammock and enjoy the solitude.  Early in the morning, coyotes wandering across the property disturbed me, and I decided to come back inside.

Meanwhile, someone gave me a William Sonoma gift certificate, and I ended up buying a counter-top compost bucket.  It’s a stainless steel version of the free plastic coffee can that we’ve been keeping in the sink to store the compost.  It’s not bad-looking, but now it sits on the counter, as opposed to taking up no room at all inside of the kitchen sink.  This brings total compost pile investment to about $150…I wonder if spending $150 on GARBAGE is practical.

The road workers are just about finished with the road in front of our house, and now we can reinstall the fence around our yard.  We’re looking at putting our split rail fence back up, with some sort of fast-growing non-toxic foliage between the fence and our house.  While we like the wide open look of our house from the road, we do want a bit of noise protection.  We’d also like to be able to let the dogs out without having to worry about leashes…poor beasts have had very little freedom since the road work started last fall.  If you have any ideas for a fast-growing foliage we can plant, we’d love to hear them!

Dave’s 1964 356 Porsche arrived in a pink truck.  Now, the fun begins.  After he and the driver installed the beautiful car in our barn, Dave led me on an inspection tour.  Dave was practically rubbing his hands together with glee…”the engine is in terrible shape,” he said, “and look at this horrible upholstery.”  He was in Man Heaven.

Dave stepped on Slim Jim the Water Snake this week while working near the pond…For a few moments, it appeared that Slim Jim would not recover…not to mention Dave’s near heart attack from stepping on a snake.  However after both Dave and Slim Jim got over the surprise from the encounter, both were undamaged.  Hopefully this will be a lesson to Slim Jim, and he will henceforth refrain from lounging about on paths in the pasture.

I grew tired of not being able to find thank you notes and birthday cards, and finally organized them in this little box that we now store in one of our bookshelves.  The box was on clearance from IKEA.   Of course, while I was there, I bought a bunch of other things that weren’t on clearance, making my trip there not much of a savings at all.  Isn’t that always the way it is with IKEA?


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§ 6 Responses to Week in review: 6/29/2012

  • df says:

    Your card box is so appealing; what a nice idea. Ikea is a bit of a trap, isn’t it! You’ll be thrilled to get your fencing in place again (or certainly the dogs will be). Carolina Sapphire is an extremely fast growing evergreen. And there’s always bamboo of course! Congrats to Dave on the Porsche delivery.

    • Libby says:

      We’ve been thinking about bamboo, but so many types of it can get out of control rather quickly. We love bamboo though, and so we are looking for a type that can be more easily contained. We will also check out the Carolina Sapphire…thanks for the good ideas! We hope Reggie is doing well.

  • viveka says:

    Glad that Slim Jim and Dave came unharmed out from the encounter – must say it can’t be easy to be a snake around you guys .. with dogs, cats and posh cars. Regarding the card organizer – did that over 10 years ago and … still use the box. One of my fantastic ideas.
    Man heaven seems to be an expensive place to be. *laughing

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