Week in review: 7/13/2012

July 13, 2012 § 6 Comments

We can’t get enough of Karen’s easy cashew chicken.  We “discovered” the recipe on her blog, “The Art of Doing Stuff.”  It’s simple to make, delicious, and it tastes better than cashew chicken from a restaurant.  We’ve modified her recipe only slightly, sometimes adding sauteed broccoli or sliced carrots to the mix.  Other than that, we make it Karen’s way every time.

In the early morning and evening, I work in the guest room on my computer.  Usually there’s a dog with me.  Here’s our Labradoodle, with one of the chew bones.  Usually Doodle prefers Dave’s company, but Dave was working late at the office.

Here’s a very simple marinated vegetable salad that we had one night with dinner.  It’s just cut up broccoli,  carrots, cucumbers, and red onion.  We mixed in a few red pepper flakes and then poured over Japanese Seasoned Rice Vinegar.  The vinegar has just a little sweetness to it, which tasted very nice with the vegetables.  We liked the tartness; use equal parts oil and vinegar, if you like your vegetables a little less tart.

We had heavy drenching rains this week (it’s still raining, actually).  The heavy winds blew several large limbs out of our trees.  Dave and I used a chainsaw to cut the limbs and stack them temporarily against a tree next to the duckpond. We’ve since moved them to the woodpile.  With all of the rain, there are many insects and worms, and the white egret have been enjoying hunting for worms in the grass alongside the pond.  If you look carefully in this picture, you’ll see Dave on his tractor in the back pasture.


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§ 6 Responses to Week in review: 7/13/2012

  • df says:

    Love seeing Doodle happily ensconced in your office; am still wondering how working from home with a dog in our life is going to look (Monday is my first work day after bringing Reggie home for good this weekend).

    • Libby says:

      After awhile, Reggie will settle in to a routine. Our dogs sleep all day, and so aren’t much of a bother if we decide to work from home. Reggie might appreciate a sleeping crate or comfortable bed where he can go to relax without being in the way. Although dogs are very social, they also enjoy having a quiet place away from everyone.

      • df says:

        Thankfully we’ve got the crate in place, so that’s a good thing. I absolutely love having him around, but do crave the reassurance that I’ll be able to get my work done. Especially now that my children are finally of an age where they aren’t under foot! Thanks for telling me more about your dogs and their routine.

      • Libby says:

        He’s a puppy, so he’ll have to outside a lot, but in between-times, he’ll sleep quite a bit. The important thing is exercise to tire him out…but not too much exercise, because that can be very bad for his joints. Of course, I speak from the experience of raising extremely large breed dogs, for whom too much exercise is a very dangerous thing. For Reggie, just a run at night will tire him out enough to allow him to sleep well.

      • df says:

        Thanks Libby!

  • viveka says:

    This was a lot of vegetables in one page … especially when Dave don’t like them *smile Like the read of both of them – especially the marinade raw ones. One beautiful dog you have …
    Just wonder how can you eat with metal chopsticks ??? Doesn’t the food glide off. Havening a hard time eating with polished wooden ones even. Love the look of them.

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