Dog poop…please, not for dinner

August 3, 2012 § 3 Comments

Otis (our exceptionally large Irish Wolfhound) had a little “incident” recently.  He has a fragile system, and sometimes what he eats doesn’t agree with him.  It’s for this reason that Dave and I own a Bissell steam cleaner.  Sometimes, while we’re at work, Otis has an accident in the house.  Usually in our bedroom.  It has only happened three times in Otis’s 2 1/2 years of living.  But three times can be very memorable.  He’s a two-hundred-pound dog…you do the math (Otis can make a lot of poop).

Last Tuesday, Otis ate something bad (I’m thinking he ate some cat poop in the yard), and suffered some sort of intestinal upset, which caused him to leave a not-very-nice mess in our Master Suite (why he chose to be sick there is beyond me…maybe he lost control, or something).  At any rate, I came home from work, and discovered the mess, and then did my very best to clean it.  Then, Dave came home, and discovered my cleaning frenzy, and did his very best to clean it.  Bottom line:  everything is nice and clean, but Dave and I can’t stop thinking about poop.

Fast forward to this evening, when Dave called me on my cellphone…

Dave:  I just got home, and there’s an unusual smell in the house.

Libby:  What?!  Did Otis poop in our bedroom?

Dave:  I don’t know.  I don’t see anything.  Maybe it was a sneaky poop.

Libby:  Otis stealth-pooped?  You can’t find it?  I think maybe he didn’t poop then.

Dave:  Oh….wait a minute.  What’s this in the crockpot?  Are you COOKING something?

Libby:  What?  No.  Wait a minute…that’s meat, and please don’t tell me that it smells like poop.

Dave:  Sorry, I guess I’m just paranoid after the last accident.  I don’t think I can eat this; I still have poop on my mind from Tuesday.

Libby:  Ugh. Same here.

We went out to eat.

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§ 3 Responses to Dog poop…please, not for dinner

  • viveka says:

    My God, what a circus …. you, guys has at time .. I suppose it comes with loving animals. Wish you a great weekend …

  • sybaritica says:

    We have five cats and upchucking is a fact of life sometimes… but why (oh why) does it have to be on something other than the floor? Open books, carelessly laid jackets, and pillows all seem to much preferred targets 😦

    • Libby says:

      I agree! Sometimes, we find ourselves very unsympathetically directing an upchucking dog to the outside patio…we’re lucky if it actually happens there, and not on a jacket, pillow, or a nice rug.

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