What’s for dinner?

August 9, 2012 § 9 Comments

Dave:  Wow, why are you sauteing chicken at seven am?

Libby:  I’m making something for dinner tonight.  For the crockpot.

Dave (suspiciously):  The crockpot?  What are you making exactly?

Libby:  Uhm…just a chicken dish that looked delicious.  You’ll love it.

Dave:  Why do you always say “you’ll love it,” when you are trying to feed me something new?  This is new, isn’t it?

Libby:  Not entirely new.  You’ve eaten chicken plenty of times.  This is going to be so good.  You’ll thank me for it later.

Dave:  It’s in the CROCKPOT.  Things in the crockpot are either really good or really bad…usually bad.

Libby:  This has nothing in it that you don’t love…chicken, garlic, oregano, tomatoes –

Dave:  Leave the tomatoes out of mine.  I’m not eating crockpot tomatoes.

Libby:  You love tomatoes.

Dave:  Not CROCKPOT tomatoes.  Are you crazy?

Libby:  It’s too late…I can’t change an entire recipe because you suddenly won’t eat tomatoes.

Dave:  If you can’t eat it all by yourself, then you’ll just have to give it to the dogs.  Or put it in the compost pile.


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