Week in review: 8/10/2012

August 10, 2012 § 2 Comments

You might have noticed that we took a couple of days off.  Our internet crashed this week, and I spent my free time troubleshooting it, and then getting replacement equipment, and then installing a new system, and then troubleshooting the new system which didn’t immediately work.  It was a lot of fun (not).

I made some herbal vinegar, which is a nice way to use fresh herbs from the garden.  Really all I do is boil some vinegar, then pour the hot vinegar over a handful of clean fresh herbs.  I allow the mixture to sit for several hours until it is completely cool, and then I strain the liquid into clean bottles.  I use the vinegar in salad dressings, marinades, and other recipes that call for vinegar.

Dave and I came down with food poisoning (courtesy of a local restaurant that we will not be visiting again). Neither of us felt much like eating anything for an entire day afterward.  I cobbled together a simple minestrone soup, which was the first thing we put into our stomaches after recovering.  It was nice.  It was just chicken broth with some diced cooked chicken, chopped tomatoes, a handful of frozen vegetables, and some simple seasonings (garlic, oregano, parsley, red pepper flakes, and salt). 

We’ve discovered that we really like grilled chicken.  It has become one of our go-to meals during the week.  The best way to prepare grilled chicken is to marinate it for at least 24 hours before you plan to grill it.  Although our marinade varies, we always use olive oil, something acidic (in this case it was a cup of white wine and some halved lemons and limes).  To the wine, we add freshly chopped herbs (whatever is fresh from the garden at the time).  Sometimes we throw in a teaspoon of cumin, some red pepper flakes, and freshly ground black pepper.  We let the chicken sit in the marinade for 24 hours, and then we grill it.  It’s always good.


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§ 2 Responses to Week in review: 8/10/2012

  • viveka says:

    Glad you two and internet are up and running again. Yes, chicken is such a versatile meat. Yes, marinade chicken – either grilled or oven baked … hard to beat. That photo with the broth is stunning – the colors are so clear. Looks so appetizing. Food poison is the job of all evil … had it myself a couple of time. And it really turns me of the dishes I had it from. Glad you’re out on the other end now. Have a great weekend.

  • viveka says:

    Never done … herb vinegar like that … but now I will, it make sense that the vinegar is warm.

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