Green Pocket Protector’s pizza palace

August 30, 2012 § 5 Comments

It’s rare that we will eat pizza from a restaurant…why bother battling screaming teenagers, poor service, and cold pizza when we can make it at home?

Making pizza is very easy, but you need the pizza stone to give you the crispy crust.  Forget about those perforated metal pans, because they aren’t that effective.  Also, forget about buying expensive pizza stones from those expensive kitchen supply stores.  Although we (stupidly) purchased our pizza stone from a place like this, it was completely unnecessary.  I’ve since seen very inexpensive pizza stones from places like Walmart, being sold for a fraction of the price of the stones sold at the expensive stores.  Disregard the warnings of the expensive stores about how their special clay makes the best stones ever, because those warnings just don’t matter.  You can make very delicious pizza from a generic pizza stone that you purchase for $10 from Walmart (or $3 from Goodwill).

For the crust, I usually use a recipe for naan or other bread.  Toppings vary…I like olives, red onions, and green peppers.  Dave likes pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms.

One of the best things about making such a large pizza is the leftovers afterward.  A homemade pizza feeds us for dinner, and several lunches for the next few days.


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§ 5 Responses to Green Pocket Protector’s pizza palace

  • viveka says:

    Sometimes I can crave for a pizza – and I use a vegetarian pizza as base, spinach and mozzarella – then I add red onion, fresh mushrooms, diced bacon, crushed garlic, herbs and sometimes even chicken liver plus loads of more cheese. The best pizza under the sun … Have never made one for scratch – I don’t think I ever will neither – too impatient. Tonight … Libby’s chicken salad.

  • df says:

    Oh that pizza looks good! I go through phases with pizza making; sometimes I’m well into it and serve it up regularly, and then I’ll go through a slump. I’m just moody that way. I own the aforementioned perforated pans (not having known better), but have made the best of them by sliding the pizza off and directly onto the oven rack for the last few minutes of baking, and it works quite well. Advice for anyone stuck with their pans!

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