Mrs. Raccoon visits the back porch

September 18, 2012 § 9 Comments

Last night, our dogs let us know that something was happening on the back porch.    We and the dogs watched from inside as a very large raccoon slowly made her way down from the top of our trellis.

We watched her for awhile, and eventually she jumped the final three feet to the ground, and then lumbered off…probably to eat cat food.  Usually we see possums in the evening…the raccoon may be why we haven’t seen a possum in awhile.  I hear that raccoons will kill pets and chickens, destroy gardens, and tear off ventilation screens to gain entry to the attic.

This is the first time we’ve seen a raccon here since we moved in over a year ago.  She was such a novelty, we didn’t worry too much about her destroying anything.   Our trash bin has a firm tightly closing lid, the compost bin has a twist top that can’t be opened by little paws, and the cats outside were no longer anywhere near their food dish.  So, we just enjoyed watching her, and then she was gone,


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§ 9 Responses to Mrs. Raccoon visits the back porch

  • viveka says:

    When I lived in Victoria, B.C. – outside the house there was some big trees and what a carry on nearly every night – raccoon – in morning the the street was full of leaves and broken branches. What a noise they made – first time they really scared me. Never seen one – only heard them. Didn’t know they liked pets and chicken, they just kill of anger or pleasure then ????? Because aren’t they vegetarians ???? She looks like she has a good time on your porch.

    • Libby says:

      I would have been scared by all that commotion, too! Too bad you didn’t get to see the raccoons on your street, because they are very fun to watch. Raccoons are omnivores, and they eat pretty much anything…leaves, plant matter, fish, chickens, even garbage. We are very careful to use trash cans with sturdy lids.

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