Week in review: 9/21/2012

September 21, 2012 § 4 Comments

It was a week for cuts and scrapes for the animals.  Addie was so excited to see me Tuesday night that she enthusiastically jumped over my large rolling computer bag, cutting a gash in her side from the handle.  Addie’s healing fine now, but we were very surprised that she didn’t cry or yelp at the time of the injury.

Meanwhile, while trimming Otis’s toenails, I accidentally cut one of his nails too short, causing bleeding and pain.  He had to wear a bandage and one of my argyle socks for two days while it healed.  We keep a first aid kit handy at the farmhouse, and the animals benefit from it as much as we do…a little antibiotic salve for both dogs’ injuries, and they were soon back in business.

Dave and I constructed a raised garden bed.  This was a project that Dave has been wanting to build for a while, saying that the raised bed would be so much easier for growing vegetables.  I really didn’t care one way or the other…I just wanted more plowed area for vegetables.

I’ll be planting a fall garden out there, as soon as we can get it filled with dirt.  Here in Texas we have two growing seasons for vegetables.  The cooler days we are having now are perfect for a fall time planting of lettuce and herbs (which is good, because Dave inadvertently chopped down most of our garden herbs last week, mistaking them for weeds).  We’ll blog some more about the raised bed later, and give you some plans for how to build one yourself.

I watched our friend Anthony smoke a salmon.  Now there’s a man who really knows his way around a grill…we’ve had many smoked and grilled meals prepared by him, and so far there’s nothing that we haven’t loved.

Smoking the salmon looked easy, but I suspect there was a lot more behind the scenes effort than I observed.  The process took less than two hours, and the results were delicious.  I was lucky enough to land a big taste that Dave and I had for dinner later that evening.

Our friend Cheryl is helping her daughter Melissa make a miniature garden for Melissa’s children.  They visited a fairy garden exhibit, and were inspired to build their own.  Here’s one of the inspiration photos from the exhibit…Hopefully Melissa will send us a picture to post to the blog when her own mini garden is finished.

Meanwhile, wouldn’t it be fun to make one of these little gardens ourselves?  I’d love to build one for our patio table…maybe it can be one of my projects for this winter.

The space shuttle came through our community Wednesday on its way to California for a permanent exhibit there.   Almost everyone in my office building ran to the windows to see it.  I overheard one of the ladies complaining “oh, it’s just that boring space shuttle again,” as if she was holding out for something more interesting.

In spite of her indifference, the rest of us were pretty excited.  How many times does a real spaceship pass through town.? Hardly ever.  This is my friend Olga’s picture of the shuttle as it passed over her workplace a few miles down the road from my office.


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§ 4 Responses to Week in review: 9/21/2012

  • viveka says:

    Spaceship …. no UFO’s … in your backyard yet ???? Along with all the other wild creatures. Love that miniature garden in the pot – very cute .. Cutting nails too short .. no good, Libby … painful for them! Aj-aj! I’m sure they will be soon out and about again. Raised bed – great idea … at least your herbs will have a peaceful life .. you’re keeping yourself busy on the farm and the weather looks still okay with Dave in T-shirt. Wish you both and the pets a peaceful weekend. Smoked salmon .. yummy.

  • df says:

    Smoked salmon sounds absolutely divine; was that done on an egg-shaped grill? We’ve got another two dozen 20-foot beds to dig this fall, if we’re to keep to our self-imposed schedule, so I really hear you on the need to expand your growing space. The raised bed sounds terrific; we did those in our greenhouse, in a fairly perfunctory way.

    The space shuttle sighting sounds too amazing; I have an entire household in thrall at the very idea.

    Argyle socks sound like a very refined and gentlemanly way to nurse a sore paw, Otis!

    • Libby says:

      Smoked salmon was marvelous, and yes, it was an egg-shaped grill. Otis says yes, the argyle socks were indeed very refined, and extremely gentlemanly. He is very sophisticated (not).

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