Daves goes rogue and attacks a tree

September 24, 2012 § 4 Comments

Last winter, lightning struck one of the especially large trees next to our pond.  The tree split into two parts, but pretty much remained standing.  In the meantime, Dave was under orders from his doctor to stay away from physical labor for a few months (an old injury was aggravating his spine and neck), so the tree remained, looking very bad.  I thought about tackling it on my own, but really I needed to be up in the tree with a chainsaw, and nimble little tree-climbing monkey that I am, I actually didn’t feel that comfortable climbing a tree with a chainsaw.

In the spring, the tree was hit by lightning again…now, how exactly does that happen?  Mathematicians say that our chances of being hit by lightning are better than our chances of winning the lottery, so I’m thinking that maybe, since we were hit by lightning two times, I should be buying lottery tickets, because I seem to have some especially strong juju.  I mean, who gets hit by lighting TWICE…lucky people, right?

Shortly after the tree was hit by lightning the second time, a windstorm came in and took down most of what was left. What remained was a very fat-looking stick in the middle of nowhere.  I tried to talk Dave into using a chainsaw to flatten the stump into a giant table top (yes, I was already envisioning picnics and lawn parties around that tree stump).

Meanwhile, Dave finally received permission from his doctor to do heavy lifting, so the two of us grabbed a chainsaw, and cleaned up any remaining side limbs  We held off on flattening it, since Dave wasn’t “in the mood” to attempt chopping down a 12-foot tall stump with a chainsaw.  This past weekend, Dave, evidently not “in the mood” to  touch a chainsaw, did apparently get into the mood to pound the tree senseless with the tractor bucket.

Libby:  What happened to the tree next to the pond?

Dave:  Oh, nothing.

Libby:  It looks like it got hit with lightning again.

Dave:  Really?

Libby:  Yeah, like something smashed into it or something.

Dave:  Hmm.

Libby:  Did you crash into it with the tractor?

Dave:  I just happened to push on it a little with the tractor bucket.

The man is like a little kid.  Dave gets into the tractor, and he’s immediately looking for something to run over, smash, or otherwise destroy.  He loves driving around in a tractor, and can easily spend an entire day engaged in important tractor activities.

He’s actually no different from our land partner, whom I happened to see a few weeks ago, spending an ENTIRE DAY in the tractor, picking up boulders, and moving them from one side of the pasture to another.  Who does that?  Who moves rocks around with the tractor bucket?  Crazy people, that’s who.


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§ 4 Responses to Daves goes rogue and attacks a tree

  • viveka says:

    Maybe you should keep the tree .. so the the lightning don’t hit the house instead. It seams like the tree is it’s favorite. Isn’t so .. with men that the bigger toys the more fun it’s. They are simple creatures, as you know.

    • Libby says:

      I like the way you think! I’ve been wanting to keep the tree, too. Don’t you think it would make a good picnic table, if we sawed it down more, and put a top on it?

  • df says:

    Oh goodness, this is so funny. I’m so glad that you decided not to climb the tree with a chainsaw; we know a woman who climbed a ladder with one, on a slope, and came frighteningly close to cutting through her carotid when it jumped back at her! Boys and tractors – oh, I know this scenario, and it always makes me smile. Love the rock moving image! Love that Dave had to give the tree a nudge with the bucket!

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