Free floral arrangements from tree shoots and sticks

September 25, 2012 § 8 Comments

We have crepe myrtle trees at the farmhouse.  These trees are beautiful, but they need trimming all the time.  They’re constantly sending little exploratory shoots into the surrounding flower beds.  Once every  month or so, I go outside with my pruning nippers, and remove the shoots before they take over the entire garden bed.  This time, rather than tossing the trimmings into the compost bin, I gathered a big armful and filled a large vase.  Very nice, and perfect for our casual farmhouse.  To these shoots, I added some trimmings from the Rose of Sharon bush.  They don’t last long (no more than a few days), but these short-lived arrangements are perfect for a dinner party or other ephemeral event.

I like the green leaves in my arrangement.  If you prefer more color, then definitely feel free to add blooms from the local market…tulips, carnations, mums…anything would be perfect.  Try this simple arrangement idea with sticks in the fall and winter, budding branches in the spring, and armfuls of tall grass in the summertime.

Also,  be sure to check for interlopers before bringing your foliage inside.  Take the time to hose off lizards and spiders outside before you bring grennery into the house.  We caught a lizard on our branches.

If you want your arrangement to last more than a few days, take the time to remove any leaves from the stems that will be below the water line.  Leaves rot fast, and if you remove them, your arrangement will last much longer.  You can also add an aspirin tablet and/or a teaspoon of sugar to the water.


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